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Associate's of Science in Information Technology

Program Highlights

  • 2 Year Program
  • Accredited
  • Instructor Assistance
  • Your Own Success Coach
  • Books Included in Tuition


Associate's Degree of Science in Information Technology Program Description

This program is designed to prepare students for opportunities in information technology by introducing them to the unique language of IT and key concepts of the profession. Students will identify the technical abilities and practical skills to help organizations innovate practices, products and processes. The program is designed to empower individuals to become passionate, solution‐minded information technology professionals by fostering innovation, research, leadership development, solving real-life problems. Students will work toward leadership roles in organizations, honoring ethical responsibilities to stakeholders and the community while pursuing innovation, creation, application, integration, and the administration of computing technologies. In addition, this program provides a foundation for further studies.


We Value Your Privacy

    • Recognize how IT is integral to the effective management of a modern-day, competitive organization and the role an IT professional plays in organizational leadership
    • Describe the installation and maintenance process for client and server operating systems, their associated network services, users, and file systems
    • Configure secure network and computing applications while identifying the privacy concerns inherent in the IT profession 
    • Identify the responsibilities of a project manager and the skills required to plan, design and execute projects to provide effective business solutions.
    • Identify the process of critical thinking and decision support tools in the way of math formulas, computer software and information systems to analyze or solve problems
    • Communicate effectively via multiple channels of exchange including oral and written
    • Demonstrate an ability to find and use reference tools/resources
    • Identify one’s social, ethical and legal responsibilities to stakeholders, the community and the environment