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Lakewood College Career Services

Let us help you accelerate your career after college!

The Lakewood College Career Center's Mission:

Our mission is to best equip our students with the tools needed to excel within their professional and personal lives. By providing concrete resources and the motivation our students need to work hard, we do our part to ensure our students will encompass many valuable assets needed to improve their overall quality of life as they come closer to fulfilling their desired goals.

Our Services:

  • Resume and Cover Letter Building
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Career Planning
  • Job/Internship Placement
  • Self Development
  • Partnerships with other colleges for continued education

Internship and Job Placement Process:

We have great news for you! Lakewood College has implemented a new procedure to help you obtain the career of your dreams upon graduation. An internship provides relevant, real world work experience in a career field of interest. Internships are a valuable way to learn about a job or career and determine if it is a good “fit” for your skills and interests. During your internship you learn things about an industry and job function that you could never learn without seeing and doing the work every day. You will also meet people who can help you connect to other opportunities Having an internship on your resume demonstrates that you have work-related knowledge and skills, increases your marketability and, if you perform well in your internship, offers you the opportunity to land a full-time job at your internship site.

Please find the simple process below:

  • Lakewood College has national contracts for internships with both CVS and Walgreens and has worked with countless employers nationwide.
  • Students will contact the location for which they desire an internship. Students should ask to speak to the manager of the location and use a a script similar to this: Hello my name is Jane Doe and I graduated from Lakewood College on March 1, 2016. I am seeking an internship to get more hands on experience and would like to know if you are able to accommodate an intern at this time?
  • If the manager can take on an intern at their location they will let you know during this conversation in #2 above. Many times the manager will ask you to come to interview before accepting you as an intern.
  • Once you have secured the internship please complete this form and Lakewood College will send you the required paperwork to begin your internship.
  • Should have any questions about this process, feel free to contact Student Services at 1-800-517-0857, Option 2.

Keywords for your resume!

  • Click here to get a list of key words for your resume!

How to write a military resume

  • Click here to view a sample of a military resume!

See what our students are saying about our services!

"I would first like to thank the whole Lakewood College Team on their amazing job! I did not know that Lakewood College goes above and beyond in the "Career Services Dept". In my perspective, finishing up college is a huge accomplishment, but where do you go from there? This is where you all stepped in and gave me great tips and advice in this matter. I strongly feel that these career services are a wonderful addition to making the transition into the work environment that much easier. Any and EVERY student can benefit from this no matter the age. Please continue with these services you never know what kind of impact you can make on just one persons career(or even life). Please keep up the excellent work!"

-Samantha Rosales

"The externship was great. I learned a lot, and it was fantastic getting the hands on experience. I learn better by doing things than by reading them, so this really helped to make what I read from the text book really stick. I also think I got pretty lucky by externing at the pharmacy I was at. It's removed from the main part of the store, but it's still a retail store, and it's rare to be in a retail environment with people who are friendly and in a good mood, but everyone who works in that pharmacy was really friendly and helpful and made it a lot of fun. I enjoyed myself while I was there, which was really nice.


"The Career Services Department at Lakewood College gave me valuable help in creating a cover letter and resume. When I ran into some problems in obtaining my pharmacy technician externship, Career Services went the extra mile in contacting the right people that led to my externship. I am excited by the prospect of starting my externship at Walgreens knowing that the staff in Career Services helped me get there."

-Jasmine Bagu

"I strongly recommend externship program with Walgreens Pharmacy to all the Lakewood college students. I feel more confident with the job now and clearly picture myself working as a technician. It is absolutely a great opportunity to get hands on training and make your online study complete."

-Shiho Long

Career Services,

I just want to take a moment to thank you. As a stay at home mom of two, I have been out of the work force for a while. I really appreciate the opportunity I have here. Mostly I appreciate your help. It has been a rough, yet wonderful, ride. However, as much as I love my children, this mommy is ready to start working again.

You are a great help and have given me wonderful support. I appreciate all you have done for me this far!

Thank you so much!"

-Robin Battreal


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