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Combination & Partnership Programs

Lakewood College offers combination programs so that students are able to earn 2 certificates in our vocational programs.

This situation of earning two certificates at once is often called a “dual major.” This differs from a major and minor program, in which the student “minors” or concentrates in an area but does not earn a certificate in that field.

Dual major students, however, earn both certificates and are awarded two diplomas at the end of their studies.

There are many people who choose a dual major to make them more marketable because they qualify for 2 related positions instead of just one. Lakewood College devloped these programs realizing that students want to move quickly through their studies, these dual and seamless enrollment packages take out all the extraneous classes and leave students with a pre-defined study curriculum that leads to two certifications.

Listed below is a list of combination certificate programs offered at Lakewood College:

Combination Medical Billing & Coding
Combination Criminal Justice & Paralegal


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