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Legal Assistant Certificate

Program Highlights

  • 2 Semester Program
  • Accredited
  • Instructor Assistance
  • Your Own Success Coach
  • Books Included in Tuition


Legal Assistant Certificate

This program will provide students with the legal knowledge and administrative skills to serve as paralegals, working closely with not only attorneys in law firms, but also corporations, real estate companies, government agencies and the banking industry.

This 24 credit-hour certificate program will focus on realistic projects, case studies, and practical application of classroom instruction. In both the classroom and through internships the students will develop professional networking relationships and have the opportunity to investigate various aspects of the paralegal/legal assistant profession. The program provides the educational background enabling the student to prepare for and take the NALA and NALS national certification exams.


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  • Describe the American legal system, its structure, and how it operates
  • Describe societal issues and ethical consideration for attorneys and paralegals
  • Identify the elements in various areas of law including criminal, contract, business, tort, property wills & estates, and family law
  • Demonstrate effective interpersonal skills and identify various conflict resolution
  • Describe how law firms are structures and paralegal’s role in the context
  • Analyze landlord and tenant law
  • Identify the source of criminal law
  • Describe the composition of a family law office
  • Identify the elements and defense to various intentional torts
  • Explain how contracts are formed
  • Conduct legal research and demonstrate the basics of legal correspondence
  • Examine the drafting of wills and trust