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Mediation Certificate Program

Program Highlights

  • 16 Week Program
  • Accredited
  • Instructor Assistance
  • Your Own Success Coach
  • Books Included in Tuition


Mediation and dispute resolution are rapidly growing fields of study and sought after skills in the workplace. This comprehensive course provides the core skill sets necessary for the practice of mediation.

Mediators are neutral parties who help people to resolve their disputes without going to court. Simply said, mediators help both businesses and families resolve conflict. People often use mediators when they wish to preserve relationships, save money, and save time.

Students are guided through the 5 stages of mediation and are asked how these stages apply to actual case studies of mediation. Students learn core people skills such as active listening, impartiality, neutrality, reframing, effective communication, and the management of conflict.

Further, there is no need to take multiple trainings. The Lakewood College Mediation Certificate Program trains its students in business, family, divorce and workplace mediation. Also, all students who complete the Mediation Certificate Program not only receive a diploma and transcripts from Lakewood College, but are eligible to sit for the exam from the National Association of Certified Mediators.


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  • Identify various conflict resolution processes
  • Discuss realistic career opportunities available in the conflict resolution field upon successful completion of this program
  • Identify and explain the five stages of mediation
  • Write an opening statement effectively
  • Illustrate barriers to communication
  • Argue negotiation tactics to specific scenarios effectively
  • Utilize active listening strategies
  • Distinguish between various effective strategies for developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Demonstrate skills for forming mutually acceptable agreements
  • Construct an effective mediation agreement
  • Interpret ethical issues that may arise
  • Write a mediated divorce agreement
  • Assemble a marketing strategy for a mediation practice