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Restaurant Business Management Certificate

Program Highlights

  • 16 Week Program
  • Accredited
  • Instructor Assistance
  • Your Own Success Coach
  • Books Included in Tuition


Restaurant Business Management Certificate

In the Restaurant Business Management Certificate Program, students will be introduced to the language and key concepts of business. They will explore human resource management and operations management. Students will also be required to engage in supplemental studies specific to restaurant management and will be asked to apply general business concepts to restaurant management.

This certificate includes 12 credit hours within Lakewood College’s Associate of Applied Business in Business Management and can be taken as a stepping stone towards further education. This program also includes ServSafe® training food safety training and exam preparation.


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  • Describe what management is (its functions) and explain the role of a manager
  • Describe what human resource management is (its functions) and challenges
  • Analyze motivation theories and the relationship between motivation and how they are used in decision making
  • Describe operations in management, designing performance measures and how they are used in decisions making
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of accounting principals including the interpretation of common financial statements
  • Describe technology trends and specifically how computers are used in the workplace
  • Demonstrate language fundamentals necessary to communicate effectively with an emphasis on workplace oral and written communication
  • Identify key areas need for ServSafe® food safety training